Starfilmsxxx Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t access your website, why?

Please confirm that you are using the correct username and password. Also, username and passwords are case sensitive. Use the exact username and password at the time of joining. If you still cannot access the website after joining, please email us at for help.

The videos are not playing or are too slow, why?

Most common problem is that your web browser needs to be updated. Our software needs to function on the latest and updated browsers. In addition, please make sure your internet connection is high-speed. Our content is generally high-definition, which requires high bandwidth.

Are you a new porn company?

We’ve been in the porn business for over a year. We are growing fast and we believe in hiring the best talent, whether female talent, male talent, cameramen, make-up artists, and shoot locations. We want to bring you satisfaction for trusting us.

Has Covid-19 impacted you?

Unfortunately, it has impacted everyone in this industry. We will begin shooting again when it’s safe to do so and following all safety precautions.

Billing Support

Is the billing on my credit card discrete?

Yes! We use CCBill and Epoch for credit card transactions. The descriptions will be discrete. Rest assured you will have no issues.

How Do I Cancel My Membership?

We’re sorry to see you go! Please contact the credit card processor – CCBill or Epoch (link below on our website) to cancel your membership.

Regarding all support requests related this site, please email